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July 18, 2018

Davida and Meir Updates

Author - Camp Yavneh

This week we said goodbye to our first session campers.  It was  truly amazing for us is to watch the growth of the campers in just these few weeks. We have watched and helped the chanichim navigate friendships, have a fun in their peulot, and what gives us the most satisfaction is the growing independence that they learn at Yavneh. They learned how to organize their own personal areas as well as the common areas in the tzrif during nikayon through job charts. They learned how to manage their belongings and send out laundry and put clean clothes away, and they learned to negotiate and compromise.

As we launch into second session and greet our new chanichim, we hope that our first session chanichim bring a little bit of Yavneh home with them. We can’t wait to begin second session and celebrate all the wonders of Yavneh with our full season and new chanichim!