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July 26, 2016

“Love, Life, Living, Leviim”

Author - Camp Yavneh

Hello to all, and welcome to those of you just tuning in to the “love,life, living leviim”Photo Jul 24%2C 8 50 29 PM show. Our second session is following an amazing performance by our חניכים  (campers) in זמריה (our singing competition) with a third place finish!! Our last שבת was filled with רוח ( energy ) as well for one last hurrah before the 1st session came to a close.

Our second session began on a sunny day yesterday, as we welcomed 36 חניכים back into the מחנה (camp)! After getting settled in to the צריפים ( bunks ), the חניכים got acquainted with each other before enjoying a delicious pizza and Caesar salad dinner. after, the חניכים would engage in an active and interesting round robin station that our מדריכים (counselors) ran, featuring several fun games, before we ended a very exciting and lengthy day.
On tap for this week: a hike on Thursday and a performance from the renowned Gary the Clown!
We’ll be back before you know it!
Avi and Emma