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August 14, 2017

Last Kfirim Blog of Kayitz ’17

Author - Camp Yavneh

Kfirim has been having an amazing time! On Thursday we watched the Maalot play in the afternoon. It was very entertaining. Thursday night was KTV. Each bunk had an opportunity to do a lip sync and then winners were chosen. It was a really fun night that ended in Maccabiah breakout. There was a whole fight between the Schwartz family and then the entire camp ended up at Tzippori for a camp-wide noodle fight. We broke out Maccabiah and then there were fireworks. Everyone was really excited and it was a great night! After the fireworks teams split into meetings and then there was an ice cream party for the whole camp.

Friday was the first day of Maccabiah. The first activity, as per tradition, was Lemallah lematah (over-under). This was a great time. The kids then split up by bunk and had different activities. There many sports activities that chanichim participated in!

The last Shabbat was very nice and was emotional for the chanichim and staff. The older Kfirim chanichim were able to stay longer for zemirot, which was a lot of fun. Shabbos day was really nice and the chanichim enjoyed their free time.

Sunday continued Maccabiah activities. The chanichim did a dizzy izzy competition in which they did spins around a baseball bat and had a relay race doing other random things, such as riding a scooter and knocking down bowling pins. At night, there was a camp-wide counselor hunt. All the counselors hid around camp and chanichim had to go around looking for them. Everyone had so much fun.

We are excited as Maccabiah activities continue today!


Adam and Danni