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August 14, 2017

Last Gurim Blog of Kayitz ’17

Author - Camp Yavneh

The past few days at camp have been so eventful!

First and foremost, Thursday night. We started off the evening with KTV, a camp-wide lip syncing competition. Gurim’s category was theme songs, and they absolutely crushed it! Gurim banot placed 3rd and the banim in 2nd. But the excitement didn’t end there….the entire camp broke out into a noodle war with the end result being MACCABIAH BREAKOUT!!

Friday we started Maccabiah with a full day of fun competitions including over unders, agam relays, and more. We had extra shower time to get ready for our last Shabbat at camp. Everyone came together one last time in Gilboa for a beautiful Kabbalat Shabbat. Afterwards, we gathered in the chadar ochel for a delicious Shabbat dinner and a ruach-filled Birkat.

Saturday morning, we had our typical Shabbat schedule and free time for everyone to spend time with their friends. At night, we had our best Havdallah yet full of jumping, dancing, and singing.

Sunday morning was another full day of Maccabiah fun. We spent the day doing field games including kickball, hockey, soccer, and basketball and dizzy izzys! The competition was fierce but all the chanichim maintained good sportsmanship throughout the day. At night, the vatikim (second year counselors) planned a camp-wide madrich hunt. All the chanichim searched throughout camp to find hidden madrichim, aiming to find the most.

Today we had our Gurim Maccabiah competition- an intense game of capture the flag! All the chanichim were very invested in the game the entire time. Following this, the entire camp gathered at the agam for more swim races. This afternoon, we will have another round of field games and time to cool off in the agam.

We can’t believe that we’re in the final days of camp, but are so excited to pack so much fun until the end.


Mandy and Cooper