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October 20, 2021

Kol Yavneh: Shirah Rubin, Family Camp Director

Author - Camp Yavneh

Kerem 2020!?! I knew that would get your attention. Eight members of Na’aleh finished their experience in Israel and became Family Camp counselors. In addition, Ethan Naviasky, Saul Amkraut, Ami Israel, and Orya Spiegel brought their leadership to create a fabulous Family Camp experience.

Although Kerem 2020 did not really happen, this dedicated group of young people sought out to give back their love of Yavneh culture and community to new families. They did so with shining Yavneh pride and enthusiasm.  This group not only led daily activities for children 3 – 13 years old, they took on new leadership positions. Whether it was leading RELISH, mifkad, Ha’milah HaYom, Havdalah, or ensuring safety at the agam, this staff captured and conveyed the Yavneh Ruach.

Family Camp was a big success this year with over 95 people including both new and returning families.  We had forty-four campers who got a taste of Yavneh chuggim with ceramics, the climbing wall, swimming in the agam, and AquaKef.

I most enjoyed seeing new families being welcomed into our extended Yavneh family.  Whether it was an invitation to play in the annual kickball game, participate together in the Talent Show, try out fishing for the first time, or join the ping-pong tournament.  Trying new activities with the encouragement of others is a hallmark of the Family Camp spirit.  In addition, we brought in a wonderful array Israeli artists including Ala Shimon for Israeli dance, Moshe Elmakais for piano, and Noa Barankin founder of DrumatiX.

Just as Family Camp was my family’s introduction to the magic of Camp Yavneh in 2014, we hope Family Camp will continue to be the entry point to Yavneh for our new and future families.

If you may be interested in becoming a counselor at Family Camp 2022 or if you know prospective Yavneh families, please contact me at