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July 14, 2016

Kfirim Re-Living History!

Author - Camp Yavneh

Hey there dear blog readers!

Let me get you up to speed on some of the fun things that we’ve been up to since we last updated you on the good times we’re having in עדת Kfirim:

Monday was an excitement overload and a frenzy of activity. It was bright and sunny after a gloomy weekend filled with rain. We took advantage by spending the afternoon outside playing sports and swimming in the אגם (lake). Older Kfirim בנות (girls) celebrated Carolyn’s Bat MPhoto Jul 11%2C 8 26 47 PMitzvah with comedian Joel Chasnoff by playing all sorts of improv games and learning how to accept and amplify. Later that evening while all of older Kfirim was doing improv, younger Kfirim was learning and reliving  the history of the beginning of the state of Israel. They met British soldiers, sailed in canoes across the Mediterranean sea (read: the lake) and rode in truck beds across national borders. It was super fun and active and we all learned so much!!

Tuesday was another beautiful sunny day in Northwood, NH. In the morning we switched חוגים (electives). Sadly, we said goodbye to our kaytana friends who were signed up to stay only two weeks. We miss them lots, but are comforted by the thought of seeing them next year.

In the afternoon we worked on our aydah-wide חסד project and had Zimriyah practice. It is crucial that I note that Zimriyah is exactly one week from TODAY!!! In the evening we had fun activities planned by the מדריכים (counselors) for each bunk. B7 played a seemingly complicated and intricate game that really boiled down to gaga while B6 had ערב Casino. G7 had ערב סרטים (Night at the Movies) which involved dressing up as different movie characters and G7 had a bunk meaningful conversation with a local camp sage.

Yesterday (Wednesday) was אחלה יום (Awesome Day) and we had a fun day filled with hiking and swimming! The hot weather could not stop us from climbing to the top of Mount Major—some of us were even sure that we could see Lucas Pond from the peak! After our hike we drove to Weirs Beach where we enjoyed a hard-earned free swim. At the end, Davida surprised us all with popsicles!

Once we were back at camp we showered and came down to dinner dressed in Western-themed clothes for our BBQ dinner and special Gold Rush פעולת ערב (evening activity) run by Ma’alot. We had an awesome time and went to bed exhausted and happy.

That’s all for now but we’ll have tons more to update you on next time!

Make sure to check back here this Monday for more good times.


Aliza and Micah

Co-Rosh Aydat Kfirim