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July 14, 2016

Arayot Learns Square dancing!

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The past few days have been the busiest so far for Arayot! On Tuesday, it was Ruthie L’s birthday. The בנות (girls) had a birthday party for her with waffles and ice cream. They made their own waffles in an afternoon פעולה (activity) and then celebrated together by eating them. At night, the בנים (boys) played an intense game of Gladiator, a game that involves leaping from mat to mat while avoiding getting hit by dodgeballs, led by the מדריכים (counselors). The בנות had a very serious dance battle for their פעולת ערב.

Today we had an אחלה יוםPhoto Jul 13%2C 8 33 37 PM (trip day) that was mostly spent completing final preparations for קצב (song and dance program that’s performed at an nursing home and at Hebrew College). In the morning, we had a couple of run throughs of the entire program and practiced the transitions between parts. Marcelo, our ראש ריקוד (head of dance) and Benzi, our ראש מוזיקה (music director) got to see the final result of their hard work. In the afternoon, we headed to the אגם (lake) to play water polo and have free swim, cooling off from the ninety degree weather.

After a barbecue, we had a joint פעולת ערב with Levi’im. A professional square dancer came to teach us square dancing and we do si do-ed and promenaded the night away. We went back to the צריפים (bunks) for an early bedtime so that we’re completely ready for קצב!


Tara and Josh