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August 12, 2016

Kerem Begins Maccabiah!

Author - Camp Yavneh

We started off the week on Sunday with a relaxing, but fun פעולה with Amiel, the טבע guy. One at a time we walked through a path behind camp in the woods and than sat out on the אגם while enjoying the beautiful view. Then, we all held hands, shouted Kerem ’16 and jumped into the אגם. After that we hung out as an עדת in the בית מדרש and stated the movie, The Prince of Egypt.

On Monday we won a late “wake up” for winning the weekly Hebrew contest that Meir runs. Monday was bunk buddy day, and we thoroughly enjoyed dressing up/acting like our bunk buddy. We finished up the day with an amazing פעולPhoto Aug 09%2C 5 09 12 PMת ערב. For the activity we first went to Hanover’s to buy ingredients and then came back to camp for an Iron Chef competition.

Tuesday morning was filled with Maccabiah preparations and a פעולה about feminism. In the afternoon we had “Olympics” by the אגם filled with boat races and various swim relays which was really fun. We finished up the day watching the movie “Inside out” on the big screen.

Wednesday was probably the highlight of the week, as today was Maccabiah breakout day. We woke up late, had a delicious breakfast filled with ice cream, waffles, m and m’s and fresh fruit. After breakfast we watched some videos from the Olympics and then, the whole camp saw a limo pull into the בית עם (gym). It had camp Tel Noar symbols all over it to take Debbie away. Once Debbie got in the Limo, a counselor screamed, Maccabiah and everybody celebrated in the בית עם. Later that day, kerem had a mud slip n slide which was super fun. The rest of the day was filled with Maccabiah competitions such as over under, basketball, and family feud game show. All in all this week was filled with amazing activities!