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June 27, 2019

Kef B’Ivrit (Fun in Hebrew)

Author - Camp Yavneh

In 1944, our founders wanted Yavneh to be a place where Hebrew was not only spoken but was the fabric that our camp would exist on. When you speak to alumni who were at camp “back in the day,” they will tell you that the immersion approach to learning Hebrew was a key factor in learning the language and to feeling a more meaningful deep connection to their Judaism. I like to say that Yavneh is a camp where Hebrew is spoken – some might call it a Hebrew-inflected camp. Announcements are made in Hebrew, directions are given in Hebrew, and Hebrew can be seen all over camp. 

The Hanhallah (leadership) and the chinuch (education) teams have been debating the use of Hebrew over the past year and how we want to integrate it more into the everyday life of camp. We are so fortunate to have someone on our staff to lead us with the integration of Hebrew at Yavneh, Karni Goldshmid Lahav. Karni, who lives in Jerusalem, during the year, is in her first year on staff and we are aptly calling her Rosh Ivrit (Hebrew). 

In her role, Karni, along with a number of our mishlachat (Israeli counselor delegation) and mumchim (specialists) will be leading different aydot in a new program called Kef B’Ivrit. (Fun in Hebrew). 

Early next week, you’ll have an opportunity to meet Karni as I am going to interview her so that you can hear and see for yourself the ways we integrate Hebrew into camp everyday. 

The energy is abounding in anticipation of our first Shabbat together as a camp community. And it comes as no surprise that all the chanichim will be singing their hearts out on Friday – in Ivrit – during one of the highlights of the week – ReliSh (Ruach Lifnei Shabbat).