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June 28, 2019

Kayitz 19 Opening Week Arayot Blog

Author - Camp Yavneh

Shabbat Shalom, Arayot Parents!

This week has already been a fun and exciting one, and we have much more to look forward to next week! After the chanichim (campers) arrived on Tuesday afternoon, we had a fun ice-breaker Peulat Erev (night activity). The campers were divided into groups and went around to six different stations. Each madrich (counselor) ran a station, and the kids had fun getting to know one another and their madrichim

The next morning, we had our first full day of camp. The morning started with instructional swim, chug (elective), and kitah (learning). Campers are participating in a wide-array of activities, ranging from tennis, cooking, dancing, teva (nature), Kir Tipus (rock climbing) and more! After lunch, we had a fun afternoon: the girls made string bracelets and yoga while the boys played dodgeball and ping pong. At night, we told the campers we were taking them on a “nature walk,” but really we surprised them with a masoret (tradition) of Arayot, called Arayot Initiation. The madrichim blindfolded and led all the chanichim to Sadeh Yarok (back field). Then we proceeded to explain to them the significance of being in Arayot and the responsibilities of being in upper camp. It was a success, yes the chanichim were a little scared at first, but we think they all loved it!

On Thursday, we had another fun morning of swim, chug and kitah. In the afternoon, the campers had free swim and the girls got to try out the Aqua Kef (water trampoline set). They loved it! The girls also played on Etgar (the camp obstacle course) while the boys played a camp game called Gladiator. Finally, as part of upper camp, Arayot gets to be meltzers (waiters) and help out with meals! They learned how to do the job yesterday and are excited to take on this upper camp responsibility. Last night, the campers discussed the theme of the summer, HaKarat HaTov (recognizing the good) and discussed what they are grateful for. 

Today is Friday, and we are excited for this afternoon! We have a Tzoharayim Meyuchadim (special afternoon) that the counselors planned. It is Yom Insurance (Insurance Day), where we are splitting the campers into groups and they are making their own insurance company and commercial they will present to the ayda (age group). They will then be awarded “insurance tickets” that they will take with them to a series of four stations, each based off of a different type of insurance: life insurance, auto insurance, travel insurance and homeowners insurance. They will have to complete a task at each station (get to the other side of the trampoline, scooter through an obstacle course, build a house out of popsicle sticks, etc.) without failing, otherwise they risk losing their insurance tickets! We are excited to do this with them!

After that, we will welcome Shabbat and have a nice restful day tomorrow. This past week has truly been unforgettable, and we are so excited for an amazing Kayitz (Summer) with Arayot 2019!

Shabbat Shalom, 


Ethan and Amanda