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June 28, 2019

Kayitz 19 Kfirim Opening Week Blog

Author - Camp Yavneh

Shabbat shalomhorim (parents)! If you didn’t see the video we made before camp, we are Ami and Gabi– your children’s roshei aydah (unit heads), We are only a few days into the kayitz (summer), and Kfirim is off to a great start! As parents left camp on a rainy tuesday, the chanichim (campers) met by bunk to learn the bunk guidelines. One of the guidelines was “PMA” which stands for “positive mental attitude.” At night, they played beach-themed games to get to know each other better, such as “hamayim zoremet (the water flows)” in which one person stands in the middle of the circle and shares their name and something about themselves. If the people in the circle shared said characteristic, they would have to run and switch places with someone in the circle. 

On Wednesday morning the chanichim got to start their chugim (electives), learn in their kitah (class), and dive into the Agam (lake) during instructional swim. In the afternoon, the banot (girls) practiced mindfulness in yoga and honed their improv skills in drama. The banim (boys) got creative in omanut (art) and jumpy on the kangaruach (trampoline). At night, the chanichim learned about the theme of the summer, hakarat hatov (recognizing the good). On Thursday, the banot also got to jump on the Kangaruach and the banim played football. When everyone worked up a sweat, we jumped right into the refreshing agam for Schiya Klalit (free swim). After showering and eating a delicious dinner, the banim and banot split off to each do their Peulat Erev (night activities). The banim had erev board game where they got to play a multitude of games, like twister. The banim had an amazing time trying to get each other to fall down.The banot had erev puzzle, in which they were each paired with another chanicha and given a puzzle piece. Together they filled their puzzle pieces with drawings that reflected their partner’s interests, like their favorite outdoor activity. Then, we put the puzzle pieces together for the chanichot to see that together we are all part of the heart that is Kfirim! 

We also celebrated birthdays for two chanichot this week, mazal tov! We can’t wait to celebrate Shabbat together through singing, tefillot (prayer), and yummy Shabbatfood.

Beahava (with love),

Ami and Gabi