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July 03, 2019

Kayitz 19 Gurim Second Week Blog

Author - Camp Yavneh

What an awesome weekend and beginning of the week we’ve had in Gurim! The weekend started off with a bang, with our very first Shabbat at camp this summer! We ushered in Shabbat with ReliSh (Ruach Lifnai Shabbat, spirit before Shabbat) where we sang and danced surrounded by all of camp. We continued our Friday night with Kabbalat Shabbat (Friday night services in our beautiful amphitheater and then made our way into the Chadar Ochel (dining hall) for an elaborate Shabbat dinner of chicken soup, chicken, potatoes, challah, hummus, a colorful salad bar and cake for dessert. 

The next morning we got woken up by the Rosh Aydot (division heads) coming to sing “Shabbat Shalom” songs and we promptly got into our nice Shabbat clothing and went down to get brownies from Bil before Tefilot (services.) After we had another decadent Shabbat meal, a breakfast of coffee cake, oreo yogurt, fruit salad and cereal (some special treats for a special day!) After breakfast we had Musaf (services with the whole camp) and then the rest of the morning, before lunch, we had Shabbat Chuggim (Shabbat electives) [a new installment of camp.] Some of the choices we had were: drama, board games, sports, reading, swimming and more! After lunch, we had some free time with our friends were some of us strolled around camp, went to the Agam (lake), read our books, or relaxed in the bunk. For Nish Nush (snack) we chowed down on some delicious watermelon, and afterwards we made our way to our Sichot (Shabbat discussion groups) to learn about the weekly Torah portion. 

Later that night, we enjoyed Camp Yavneh’s signature Saturday night meal of Mac and Cheese, Greek salad, rolls and M&M cookies for dessert. Then we went to Havdalah (the conclusion of Shabbat ceremony) with lots of dancing and singing: finishing Shabbat just as we started it, spirited, fun and meaningful! 

Sunday was a blast, as we got back into the regular routine of the week! Chuggim, kitah (classes) and instructional swim started up again in the morning, much to our delight. In the afternoon, we had free swim and got to go on the AquaKef (the fun floaty thing in the lake!) We also sent out laundry for the first time so we can get fresh clothing back on Wednesday! 

Sunday night we had a crazy-goofy Peulat Erev (night activity) called “Erev Face” (“Face Night”.) It was comprised of a bunch of stations each somehow having to do with the word “face”. Some examples are: Face painting, a photo booth (with silly hats), cucumber facials, a jigsaw puzzle of our Madrichim’s (counselor’s) faces and more! We had such a blast and especially loved relaxing with cucumbers and calm, meditative music. 

Monday was a typical day, with the added excitement that it was our dear friend Amitai Sadinoff’s birthday!! The morning started off normal with Chuggim. Then after lunch Amitai’s bunk celebrated with a yummy ice cream party. (And then later at dinner again with cake!) 

In the afternoon the Banot (girls) went on the Kangaruach (the giant trampoline) and had THE most fun on! Meanwhile, the boys were having the time of their lives as well playing basketball and hanging out with Gary The Clown! 

Gurim had such an exceptional week this week and we cannot wait for the adventures to come!! 


Ofer and Jennie