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July 11, 2019

Kayitz 19 – Kfirim Third Blog Update

Author - Camp Yavneh

Dear Horim (parents),

This has been a jam-packed week in Kfirim! On Wednesday, Kerem (Yavneh’s CITs) put on the Kerem Karnival which was filled with games and rides. The chanichim (campers) spent the day rotating through stations across camp, moving from dunking their Madrichim (counselors) in an ice cold dunk tank to name that tune and donut-on-a-string. In the afternoon, Yavneh’s favorite clown– Gary the Clown– put on a show for the chanichim complete with unicycling, juggling, and many laughs. We ended a special day with a special treat– a choice between two classic movies, Shrek and Monsters Inc. On Thursday, the entire camp celebrated July 4th with a parade across camp, dancing and singing in the afternoon, and of course, a spectacular fireworks show! ָOn Friday, we escaped the heat by jumping into the Agam. Then, our Mishlachat (Israeli) madrichim lead a peulah (activity) about inclusion. The chanichim learned a song called Shavim (equals) which they will perform on Sunday for Yom Yisrael (Israel Day). Shabbat was ruach (spirit) filled as per usual. Although it was a hot Shabbat, the chanichim did not let the heat stop them from jumping up and down during ReliSh (Ruach Lefnei Shabbat, Spirit Before Shabbat) and dancing during Havdallah (end of Shabbat ceremony). Sunday and Monday morning were filled with chugim (electives), kitah (class), and schiya (swim). In the afternoons, we prepped for Zimriyah (singing competition) by learning all the words to “Michtav Leachi” (“letter to my sibling”), Kfirim’s Shir Yisraeli (hebrew song). On Monday night, Kfirim took a short trip to the UNH pool for a late swim which was a blast. 

On Tuesday, we left for our overnight at Gunstock Mountain Resort! After setting up all the tents and practicing for Zim, we had a delicious barbeque made by the madrichim (counselors). We ended the night with singing around a bonfire with hot s’mores and then said laila tov (good night) to the start of an amazing overnight.  In the morning, we packed everything back up and embarked on our journey to the adventure center. When we arrived the park had just opened and the chanichim (campers) couldn’t wait to go do everything. Some of things that were available to us were a ropes course, a mountain coaster, water balloon fights, bungee trampolines, and a stunt jump! After a full day of fun, we had to go back to camp. We came back to have another barbeque with the entire camp this time. For the peulah erev, (nightly activity) we learned about the summer’s theme Hakarat Hatov (gratitude). We made thank you posters for all the people involved in making the overnight a success.

We also celebrated two birthdays this week and have two on Saturday!

B’ahava (with love)

Ami and Gabi