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July 23, 2019

Introducing the Yavneh Chai Club – Recognizing Davida’s Dedication to Camp Yavneh

Author - Camp Yavneh

Thank You for 24 Great Years!

Yavneh is truly blessed that so many staff members have made a commitment to spending many summers with our beloved camp community in Northwood, New Hampshire. The tireless dedication of these devoted people has helped make Yavneh the continually inspiring place that it is today, filled with ruach, masoret and lifelong friendships.

This summer’s educational theme is Hakarat Hatov (gratitude), a perfect compliment to Yavneh’s new initiative of the Chai Club. The Chai Club honors members of our community who have been at Yavneh for chai (18) years. We can think of no better way to inaugurate this club than to honor Davida Amkraut, Camp Yavneh’s Rosh Banot (Girls’ Head Counselor) for the past 24 years.

Over nearly a quarter century, Davida has contributed to Yavneh’s growth and ongoing success, through her interaction with madrichim and chanichim, supervision of madrichot and roshei aydot, and collaboration with colleagues on the hanhallah. She has enjoyed the distinct pleasure of forging long lasting bonds with hundreds of young women, watching them rise through the ranks of camp, taking care of their needs as young girls and then mentoring them as counselors and senior staff members. Today many of the staff and campers she supervised 20 years ago now send their own children to Yavneh; others have become educators in their own right who still turn to Davida for advice and mentoring; and so many remain friends, whether young or mature adults.

This summer, with her youngest child enjoying his Kerem experience at Yavneh, is Davida’s last summer as Rosh Banot. We want to thank and celebrate Davida for her 24 years of service and dedication to Camp Yavneh. We have been fortunate to have her at camp as a leader, mentor and role model among our campers and staff. Davida passionately believes in Yavneh’s mission of a pluralistic Jewish camping experience and she personally embodies the value of Klal Yisrael by being open to all and a friend to many. Introspective and reflective, she helps her madrichot become better camp leaders and is herself a continual learner. Davida’s imprint will forever remain at Yavneh and we know that she will come back often to Yavneh to visit. The entire extended Amkraut-Horowitz family have been mainstays in the Yavneh community, each contributing in their own way, and we take pride knowing that they will stay connected to a place that they truly love.

Donating to the Chai Club is your opportunity to make a meaningful gift in Davida’s honor. One of Yavneh’s values that Davida has championed through the years is camp’s commitment to financial diversity. Contributions to the Chai Club go directly to assist campers who would not be able to attend Yavneh without the generous support of the Scholarship Fund. The Chai Club will continue to create a vibrant future for the Jewish community and ensure that every child who wants to spend a summer at Yavneh has that opportunity. Let’s take this opportunity to celebrate Davida and her impact on Yavneh by contributing to the future generations of campers. Click here to donate now