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August 14, 2017

Last Leviim Blog of Kayitz ’17

Author - Camp Yavneh

Dearest family and friends of Leviim 2017,

As I am sure many of you know, Maccabiah is alive and well here at Yavneh and off to a great start! Maccabiah is a camp-wide competition that takes place at the end of the summer every year, dividing machaneh into two teams; Shaar and Chomah. Over the course of the past week and a half the Roshes and Hanhallah have been leaving hints in videos, activities and posters which lead us up to breakout on Thursday night. Before breakout though, Thursday was very packed in it’s own right. On Thursday morning we had the last day of chugim and classes and then the afternoon all of the chanichim watched Maalot’s production of “Once Upon a Mattress”. Then we had a great breakfast for dinner followed by one of the most fun nights of the summer, KTV! Leviim was given the category of foreign songs and the boys did a french song and dance while the girls did a mashup of songs under the theme of the United Nations.

After KTV finished, the Roshes got into a large spat on stage about why Josh Schwartz (Rosh Maalot) always wins everything and then everyone chased him to Tzipori and an epic noodle fight ensued. The roshes performed their favorite “Where is my goat” dance and Josh concluded it by screaming Maccabiah!!! Just like that we were off to the races, in every sense of the word. Friday was our first full day of Maccabiah and we played a camp favorite called Lamalah Lamatah (over under). The rest of the day was full of ruach, sports games and team meetings. Some of our chanichim are involved in the tekes for the last night, others have been competing in boating, sheshbesh and swimming competitions. Everyone has been having a great time!

Our last Shabbat was incredible and extremely unifying! We passed on the tradition of US Cake as well as had our first tisch of second month which was so beautifully singing together in the dark. Saturday was great, with a musaf lead by Joel Sussman and plenty of time to relax. Sunday and Monday have been chalk-ful of old classic Maccabiah traditions like dizzy-izzy and races, but also some new traditions such as a music video making competition, camp-wide madrich hunt and an egg drop from the top of kir tipus. We are so busy making the most of every moment!

It’s been an honor being Rosh Aydah Leviim 2017! I wish you and all of your children a great first year of high school.


Love always,

Sarah (and Ravi)