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August 07, 2015

Gurim- Stars of the Play!

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So, we meet again, beloved readers! As we sit typing this very prose, the sad and somewhat disagreeable realization that there is but one week left of camp pervades our focus. We are all at once sad, nostalgic, and yet elated as we wind down this incredible kayitz (summer) with the tradition of all traditions, the notorious, the infamous, the indescribable…


That’s right folks, Maccabia (our version of color war) broke out late Wednesday night, after an incredible night of dancing for Rikudia, a camp-wide dance performance. Each aydah (unit) in camp prepared a dance to perform for the entire camp, and this year’s dances were the best ones yet. The banot (girls) repeated their already camp-famous dance from yom Yisrael (Israel day) which includes many a hair flip, while the banim (boys) showed everyone that they’ve got some serious moves with a new dance of their own.

Once Maccabbia broke out with an epic bubble ball battle and fireworks, the chanichim (campers) went straight to their first team meeting to start preparing to compete against each other for the next week in sports, dancing, singing, and much more.

Although Maccabia has certainly dominated our immediate thoughts the past few days, tIMG_2061.JPGhe truth is that we still had an amazing jam-packed and fun-filled week since we last checked in. On Monday night, we had an eventful overnight which really just turned into a sleepover when we all had to move inside after it started raining. It was still tons of fun and will not to be forgotten.

Tuesday night was the camp play, “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown.” We were incredibly proud of our amazing performers, many of whom had starring roles in the play. The entire camp watched as they shone on stage and I have to tell you, we felt like proud parents watching our chanichim shine in the theatre.IMG_3378

Wednesday afternoon was a fun mixture of pickling our own pickles from scratch and fooling around on the slip ‘n slide and in the agam (lake).

The next big news would be our achla yom (trip day) to beautiful Weirs Beach with our Ma’alot buddies. IT WAS SO FUN. Also, we got ice cream and as you may already know, ice cream makes absolutely everything better.

That just about does it for now! See you next time!

Love and hugs forever and ever, Aliza and Micah, Roshei Ayda, Heads of Unit