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March 17, 2021

Kol Yavneh: Alanna Wolf

Author - Camp Yavneh

As long as I can remember, Yavneh has been a part of my life. Before I was old enough to be a chanicha (camper), I remember driving up to camp with my parents for zimriyah and at visiting day to see my brothers. Every opportunity we had, we were up at camp. Once I approached Gurim age, my parents started lightly (or not so lightly) encouraging the idea of going to camp. While it took a couple of years to muster up the courage to spend several nights away from my parents, I eventually signed up for camp. I was nervous, like many first-timers. On the first day, I remember joining in on the bunk activities and almost immediately forgot about my parents. Sorry mom and dad!


As I got older, I learned just how important Yavneh was, especially to my dad. Many of his lifelong friends, people who watched me grow up, were people he met at camp. He spent 16 summers at camp in the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s, first as a chanich, then played many roles on tzevet (staff) including madrich (counselor), rosh ayda (unit head), rosh sport (head of sports), and rosh banim (head of boys).  His last day at camp was actually a week before he and my mom got married! He talks of the days of exclusive Hebrew-speaking and hours of kitah (class)— but mostly, he talks about swimming in the agam (lake), playing on the basketball team, meltzing (being a waiter) in the chadar ochel (dining hall), and singing at zimriyah. When he visits camp nowadays, he mentions the differences he spots around camp, but mostly he lights up speaking of all of the similarities. 


The term “dor l’dor” (from generation to generation) takes on a new meaning for me as I come to camp for my 15th summer and step into this new role as Rosh Noar (head of upper camp), a similar position my dad held about 30 years ago. I’m joined by my husband, Herschel, who also spent 14 summers at Yavneh, and we’re so excited to be back in the place where our relationship began and where we grew as confident individuals and leaders. And this time, with our new daughter, Razie, who is just six weeks old! We feel so grateful to have the opportunity to see her grow and develop in this special place — and to show her the magic of Yavneh that was passed on from my dad, to me, and now to our sweet Razie. On and on, dor l’dor