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July 18, 2018

Tor Tochnit by Michi

Author - Camp Yavneh

(As a Limerick)
By Michi Rosenhek Zelermyer

In Northwood there’s a camp so great
Where fun is its resting state
The Agam is the best
Once you pass the swim test
And the Aquakef is first rate!

But that’s not even close to it all
In sports the kids have a ball
Tennis, b-Ball, and gaga
At shigaon or playing Tag-a
Under Etgar’s challenges they crawl!

And don’t get me started on food
Variety, flavorful, oh-so good
Camp meals so divine
Healthy choices on the line
YFS rocks, understood?

Wait ‘til you check out Omanut
Where the campers are having a hoot
Try macramé, beading, or fimo
With this creative team-o
Ceramics and woodwork to boot!

Shira and rikud are just some
Of the reasons the chanichim come
To this camp that’s so cheery
No moment is dreary
And don’t forget Kolbo – so yum!

And just to shake things up
Campers get to overnight and sup
Eating s’mores, pitching tents
All adding their two cents
At the campfire, drinking from his/her cup

We are halfway through Kayitz ‘18
I can’t believe that it’s already been
A whole month of crazy fun
Thanks for keeping me on the run
(And let’s pray for lots more sun)
(Hoping that memories aren’t done)
(And peulot continue to stun)
‘Cuz today is just the day in between!

Let’s go second session!
We are so ready for you!