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July 10, 2018

Week Three Updates – Kfirim!

Author - Camp Yavneh

Dear Kfirim Blog Readers,

Another week at Machaneh Yavneh is in the books! We had another fun filled week, and here are some highlights:

4th of July- to celebrate our country’s independence day, we had a camp-wide parade! Each tzrif (bunk) picked a theme to dress up in (the girls did alien and the boys did backwards) and Bil walked through the girls and boys area “picking up” each bunk as he walked along. By the end of the parade, the entire camp was together walking into the Beit Am (gym) for singing and dancing! The chanichim (campers) then got a special nish nush (snack) which was an American Flag cupcake cake. For the peulat erev (night activity), the entire camp came together for Let’s Make a Deal: Camp Edition which consisted of chanichim dressing up in crazy costumes, and then getting called up to claim some interesting prizes. Some of the prizes included: naming the camp goat, extra nish nush, a can of yams, a watermelon pillow, pushing Bil into the Agam, and more! After the game show, the entire camp went outside for some popcorn, soda, and of course the amazing fireworks show! There is no better place to celebrate July 4th, than at Machaneh Yavneh!

Monday was Yom Yisrael for Gurim, Gefen and Kfirim. They spent the afternoon going around to different stations, learning about Israel’s history and current state. They discovered Israeli technologies, dressed up in IDF uniforms, and more!

In terms of every day activities, the chanichim have spent lots of time in the Agam (it’s been very hot here!); the girls even got to go on the Aqua Kef! We have been practicing a lot for Zimriyah, which is on Wednesday, and we can’t wait! If you want to hear a beautiful singing performance with really cool hand motions and cute shirts, watch us on Facebook live! We will also be recording our songs professionally on Wednesday morning, and those recordings will come out later in the summer.

Today is Achla Yom, and we are seeing the Incredibles in theaters! The chanichim will definitely appreciate sitting in an air conditioned space and just relaxing before the big day tomorrow!

It’s crazy to believe how first session is over in one week, but we will be making the most out of our time left together!