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July 10, 2018

Week Three Updates – Gurim!

Author - Camp Yavneh

Hello Gu-readers!!!!!! What a week of highlights we’ve had! The past seven days were sandwiched between July 4th, and an exciting on-campus overnight. Between those major hits, we ALSO had a Talent Show, Yom Yisrael, Shabbat and a teary farewell to Kaytana. GWOW!!!! Now, let’s dive in.

Last Wednesday we celebrated a patriotic 4th of July with a fun-filled afternoon. Camp Director, Bil, started the festivities off by leading all campers in a parade through camp. Before the march, every tzrif (bunk) dressed up in a theme of their choosing. For instance, Gurim tzrifim chose to wear sporty clothes, biker outfits, pajamas, and swim suits. Following the parade the whole camp joined together for singing American classics like “Cotton-Eyed-Joe” and “Chicken Fried.” We concluded the hullabaloo by enjoying red, white, and blue cupcakes organized in the shape of the American flag.

That afternoon, we had another Ma-Gu-Pu (Maalot Gurim Peulah)!!! Less intricate, but potentially more fun, the chanichim met their buddies at schiah klalit (free swim) and spent nearly an hour splashing, spritzing and enjoying the summer’s great joys. It was so nice to watch our chanichim bond with their Maalot buddies, whether in the water or building sand castles outside of it. Maalot and Gurim both left the water asking for another shared schiah klalit.

In the evening the chanichim joined together for another American classic: Let’s Make a Deal (inspired by the TV gameshow). All of camp met in the Beit Am wearing silly clothes, while they watched their friends open silly prizes such as an “empty piñata” or the chance to “name the goat”. We all then went outside to watch an incredible display of fireworks while being treated to popcorn and soda!!!

Thursday afternoon we had a chinuchi (educational) peulah in which the chanichim learned more about our summer theme through a series of team building exercises. An hour later, our kaytana chanichim had the chance to jump on the new Agam structure – the Aqua Kef!!

We closed the week with another holy Shabbat. For many chanichim last Friday night was only their second Shabbat at camp, but they already saw it as a highlight of the week. Starting with afternoon pizza nish nush, brownies shabbat morning, sugar cereal breakfast, watermelon and so much more. During the day, the chanichim enjoyed tefillot and then zman chofshi (free time) for a couple hours. They filled that time with sports, swim at the Agam and walks around with friends & family.

The shavua started off with non-stop action. In the morning madrichim and chanichim had a chance to give big goodbyes to 15 of our friends. As kaytana left Yavneh until next year, the remaining Gurs prepared for a very special overnight at Sadeh Yarok. That evening we walked our sleeping bags up to the pre-pitched tents (courtesy of the Gurim tzevet) and laid down our bags. Before enjoying the barbecue dinner prepared by our madrichim, we had a chance to practice Zimriyah with rosh musica, Benzi. Just as a heads up, WE SOUND AMAZING!! Make sure to check out the live stream on Facebook tomorrow!! After dinner we sang around a bonfire, enjoyed s’mores, and bonded with old friends and new.

Finally, on Monday we had another busy day complete with Yom Yisrael and the Kolbo Lady! The mishlachat planned an amazing afternoon for our chanichim starting with a “shuk” (market). The chanichim were given a certain amount of paper shekel to purchase fruit, cotton candy, clothing, and so much more. Kerem were all in costume running the shuk, and the kids loved it!! The chanichim spent the rest of the afternoon rotating through a variety of activities. Some highlights included baking pita, learning old Israeli songs and playing in a huge foam machine. איזה יום מגניב – What a cool day! With the Kolbo lady, chanichim got a chance to buy new Yavneh-themed clothes. Now they all look even better and covered in camp spirit

Again, check in tomorrow night on Facebook to watch Gurim win Zimriyah for the first time ever. Until next time Gu-readers


Meital v’ Benji