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August 07, 2019

Third Kerem Blog – Session Two

Author - Camp Yavneh

Dear Friends and Family,

Our trip to Boston last Tuesday was fantastical and magical! We went to an assisted living facility in Chelsea and sang and spoke to the residents living there. Then we drove to the New England Holocaust Memorial before walking over to historic Faneuil Hall and exploring the city. Our bus driver suggested an impromptu stop at a nearby fountain, which we of course splashed around in before getting on the bus to Fenway Park. At Fenway, we saw a bunch of players warming up as we took our tour of the country’s oldest ballpark. Finally, we were welcomed into the home of Ellie A.S. for dinner and a swim before heading back to camp. It was a super nice day, and one of the most memorable for the summer.

Wednesday night was KTV, which was a night absolutely full of laughter and merriment. The Kerem made four fantastic videos, the banim performed an a cappella song, the banot performed a dance, and the night was overall just a hilarious, fun time. 

On Thursday night, madrich Seth Walensky planned the absolutely best peulah I’ve ever seen on staff. Kerem participated in an escape room in both of their bunks, escaping their bathrooms and cracking codes to unlock the doors in the middle of their bunks. It was awesome!

Shabbat was as usual – a moving and spiritual day. Friday night the Kerem sang their hearts out at Kabbalat Shabbat and Zemirot. On Shabbat afternoon, we heard from Lila Kagedan, one of the first Orthodox women to use the title “Rabbi,” and she spoke about the unique challenges she has faced in that role.

Sunday was the Yavneh basketball tournament, which we watcheded for much of the day. Monday was mostly a normal day, except that no days are normal because “normal” is a social construct. It also was not normal because we ran the Shuk for Yom Yisrael! It was super fun and really got the younger kids into the day.

Tuesday we stayed in camp and had yom slumber party, making eye masks and playing truth or dare in our pajamas. Then on Tuesday night MACCABIAH! That’s right! All of 2nd month the Kerem have been working on Maccabiah, and it was a secret from you! They’ve been doing a great job with it so far and it’s only going to get better. 

For the penultimate time,