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August 07, 2019

Third Gurim Blog – Session Two

Author - Camp Yavneh

Gurim had another great week going on!
Last Wednesday, we went to the exciting SEE Science Center. There was a bunch of interesting exhibits including an aquarium. After looking around for a while we headed to Wallis Sands Beach where we had a relaxing time playing in the sand, going in the water, and got some refreshing glida (ice cream) that makes every yom cham (hot day) better!

On Thursday we had a special all camp peulat erev (night activity) – Rikudiyah. All of camp gathered together and every ayda performed a dance that they had been working on in the past week. All of the dances were super good and everyone had a great time performing and watching other aydot perform! It was a blast!

On Friday night we gathered all together once more for ReliSh, we sang together us a camp and went to Kabbalat Shabbat (Friday night davening). On Shabbat morning we had some rain that cleared out shortly after davening and the rest of the day was beautiful! We used this time to relax with our friends across camp. We ended Shabbat with a special Havdalah suited for the nine days.

On Sunday we said goodbye to our friends who left for Kaytana. We miss them so much already and can’t wait to see them again next summer! We also hosted Camp Tel-Noar, Camp Ramah NE and Camp Tevya for the basketball tournament in our camp. We got to see some of the games that were going on. Yavneh played played very well and got to all the way up to the semi-finals!

Tuesday was a very exciting day filled with tons of fun stuff! we went to another great Achla Yom (Trip Day)! We went to Flume Gorge – a beautiful two mile hike in the White Mountains. We went on this trip with our Maalot buddies and had such a fun time. After the hike we went on a tram that took us to a fantastic viewing point and we got to look around at the beautiful valley. We came back from the trip and after a siyum and a BBQ dinner we went into peulat erevZimriyacappela. Officially, Zimriyacappela is a new thing that camp is trying instead of Macabbiah because of the nine days, but it all turned out to be just a prank that led to Macabbiah breakout!!!

Overall this week was filled with surprises and fun activities!!! Yom huledet sameach (happy birthday) to Meissie B. and Ben, Noa and Josh Z. who all had their birthday in the past week!!! 


Ofer and Jennie