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August 08, 2016

“When I Say Leviim, You Say!…”

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When we say “Leviim”, you say “is amazing”!!! LEVIIM – IS AMAZING!! LEVIIM IS AMAZING! It hasn’t been so long since we updated, but nonetheless Leviim has had some incredibly fun, exciting days since last we wrote!!

Thursday night we had a truly incredible rikudiyah performance. The חניכים had so much fun dancing to song “יהיה בסדר” by Shahor Hazak and we are so proud of them for their dedication and amazing energy. The next morning we celebrated the completion of Yavneh’s brand new Torah, dedicated in Debbie Sussman’s honor, as it is her 26th and final summer as Yavneh’s ראש מחנה (head of camp). This week Leviim has stepped up to lead services, and we have had the privilege of getting to use the Photo Aug 03%2C 2 08 04 PMbrand new Torah! We danced and sang, passing down the Torah so that each camper had the chance to hold it, additionally we had several of our own talented singers help lead הַלֵל (Hallel- a celebratory  section of the morning service).

The חניכים enjoyed their second to last Shabbat of the קיץ (summer); it was filled with שירה (singing) and lots of רוח (spirit). First all of the מחנה (camp) joined together for Kabbalat Shabbat and then Maariv, followed by a delicious dinner and more שירה!! The next day, after some much appreciated down time, the חניכים had their last Havdallah of the summer, as next week we will be listening to Aicha to bring in Tisha B’Av.

So far this week we have been participating in our wonderful, engaging afternoon פעולות as usual. The בנות (girls) have continued to get ready for PowderPuff, their football game against Ma’alot, the חניכות just a year older than them. All have been working hard on the חסד project, painting the fence by שדה ירוק (the large sports field near the back entrance to camp) The חניכים are painting two panels, one of a Tel Aviv beach, and then right next to it an image of the כותל (Kotel or Western Wall). Last night the בנים (boys) participated in an ערב Lord of the Rings, with water noodles, kick boards, and some impressive LARPing (Live action role playing). The בנות came all together to participate in a Boundary Breakers פעולת הערב (evening activity). We were so happy with how the night went, specifically how mature, supportive, and kind our חניכים are. They have so much love for another!!

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Avi and Emma