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August 08, 2016

Kerem does Yom Bunk Buddy!

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Shalom friends and family!!,

Kerem has been having an incredible time since we last spoke! On Wednesday Kerem adventured to Boston, where we toured Fenway, went to a nursing home to sing and socialize, and then walked around Quincy Market. We then walked around the Holocaust memorial, where we had a meaningful guided discussion about different interpretations of the memorial. We ended the day at the Smith household with Chinese food, and then headed back to camp later that night after an exciting, exhausting day. Thursday night was ריקודיה (Rikudiya), where everyone dressed up with partners and danced their hearts out. We then had a barbeque, and went to sleep after another wonderful day.Photo Jul 28%2C 6 54 00 PM

On Friday, all of upper camp was super excited to wake up early for a really meaningful Rosh Chodesh service, starting with a ceremony for the new sefer Torah dedicated in honor of Debbie. Micah Shapiro, Kerem ‘98, joined us in leading tefillot. Kerem spent a lot of time planning upcoming events for the rest of the camp, in addition to our usual Shabbat preparations. Camp has transitioned into the 9 days, the atmosphere of camp has slowed down somewhat and has become a bit more serious as we prepare for Tisha B’Av. We spent time covering our bunks Friday afternoon and after Shabbat ended, really enjoyed the second to last Shabbos of our summer.

Sunday morning we continued planning the events for the end of the summer. In the afternoon we played a massive game of aydah-wide knock out, where חניכים also had to hula hoop and simultaneously avoid being hit by dodge balls. We then enjoyed an early dinner, followed by a night of nature activities. Each camper did individual nature walks around the lake followed by an evening swim. We then had a beautiful bonfire, and ended the night with a relaxing evening watching the Prince of Egypt.

Monday morning started off late, as we got to sleep, as a reward for knowing the most Hebrew words in camp. The day is continuing with Yom Bunk Buddy, where each חניך dresses up as their bunk-buddy, with group activities coming up shortly. Can’t wait for another week and a half of fun!


Kerem 2016