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May 29, 2018

Meet Adina and Marcelo – Rosh Mishlachat and Rosh Rikud

Author - Camp Yavneh

Today we are introducing you to Adina and Marcelo – two long time staff members at Yavneh. This summer will be Adina’s 13th and Marcello’s 7th summer at camp. Adina lives in Israel and during the summer is Rosh Mishlachat (head of the Israeli delegation) and, in addition to many other things, plans Yavneh’s popular Yom Yisrael. Marcelo comes to Yavneh from Argentina, is Rosh Rikud (head of dance) during the summer and helps choreograph all dances at Yavneh, including Rikudiyah, a dance performance by campers. Recently, we chatted with both Adina and Marcelo and asked them the following questions:

Favorite camp/outdoor activity?

  • The Agam.” – Adina
  • “Dancing at Havdallah every Motzei Shabbat” – Marcelo

What are you looking forward to most this summer?

  • “Having a great time with chanichim and mishlachat – full of energy and love for Israel – Adina
  • “Rikudiyah” – Marcelo

What is the most unique item you are packing in your luggage for camp?

  • “25 kilos of gummies for the shuk!” – Adina
  • “Packing my computer with all the Yavneh music for dancing.” – Travis