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July 14, 2016

Maalot Has Been Painting!

Author - Camp Yavneh

Leaping lords!  מעלות did a ton of things.  This is that time where I
recount them in quasi-chronological order while also using humor.  You
all are aware of this!  Maybe this introduction was unnecessary.
Upon returning from Hampshire Hills, מעלות had a time and a half
catching up on some rest.  An ארוכת צהריים (lunch) of pizza bagels
roused us quickly from our slumber into an afternoon of practice for
זמריה (our super fun and exciting singing competition July 21st that
you’re invited to!!!!!) and extended שעת מנוחה (rest hour).  For our
פעולת ערב (evening activity) we had a blast singing karaoke together,
with songs like A Whole New World to rock us to sleep.  It was a
Come Tuesday morning we had a whole new set of adventures to begin!
The usual morning schedule (כיתה (class), פעולה מעלות (Ma’alot
activity of leadership development and fun development), and חוג
(elective)) transitioned into an action packed afternoon of ספורט
(sport) and more!  For פעולת ערב the בנים (boys) had a blast with a
silent auction, lawn games, and smoothies for our Upper Class night,
while the בנות (girls) had a paint bar night where they painted
pictures of the Agam!  Although I have to be a חניך’s (camper’s) pet
for the day, it was worth it to see the חניכים crack up and
Wednesday was our אחלה יום(literally awesome day, our
trip/alternative schedule day) in camp!  We had time on the אגם (lake)
chilling out and Photo Jul 13%2C 4 31 22 PMlistening to some מוזיקה (music) and played more
games.  The afternoon brought גלידה (ice cream), time to watch an
Israeli TV show about religious social cleavages in Israel, and more
זמריה practice.

Last night the חניכים ran a Gold Rush activity for
גורים (the youngest עידה (age group)) and כפירים (the second youngest
עידה).  The חניכים painted rocks gold and assigned them point values,
then sent the kinderlach (Yiddish for children) out into the field to pick them up then use them to buy prizes: just like the old
prospectors!  After a debrief where מעלות talked about what went great
and what could have been greater, the חניכים had the chance to do some
guided Square dancing.  WHAT FUN!!!!!
Thursday (today) was a usual morning with an unusual afternoon.  The
בנות hiked up Saddleback (a local hike), and the בנים worked on their
חסד (charity) project with their גורים buddies.  They created
storybooks that are going to be put into the מרפאה (infirmary) for
sick kids to read.  I’ll spoil the surprise: the בנות and בנים are
doing the other’s activities tomorrow!  Till later parents!!!


Jeremy and Talia