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January 08, 2021

Kol Yavneh: Merav Schwartz (K ‘15) and Meital Galler (K ‘14)

Author - Camp Yavneh

Shabbat Shalom Machaneh Yavneh!

Our names are Merav Schwartz (K ‘15) and Meital Galler (K ‘14) and we are both seniors at Barnard College and will be living together this semester. Throughout our time at Barnard we have been for each other :someone to talk about camp with, to reminisce about younger aydot with, to laugh about Maccabiah break out stories with, and to watch Zimriyah with. This semester, we are looking forward to making our apartment a celebration of all things camp.

While we never lived in the same bunk at camp, we both miss the communal living and support that comes from living in a bunk and that is so important especially during a time when social interaction is limited. Our hope this semester is to recapture what it feels like to live at camp within our own space. Whether it’s through listening to Just Another Foreigner or Just one Shabbos before Shabbat, leaving our bedroom doors open for each other, or sharing clothes, we hope to give our new home the camp feel during this challenging time! What are you doing to keep camp alive in your home these months?