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July 21, 2016

Kfirim is one Talented Aydah!

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זמריה שמח לכולם!

Happy Zimriyah Everyone!

It’s hard to believe that first session is almost over and that tonight is the culmination of many hours of careful practice and planning for our annual singing competition.

This week was as busy as ever, what with  יום ,ישראל, יום Lisa, and a trip to the movies.

יום Lisa, a celebration ofkfirim yom yisrael our Programming Director Lisa Ruben’s 40 years at מחנה  Yavneh was on Monday and involved מכביה-style sports competitions and many of her favorite things all squeezed into one day. We ate salmon teriyaki for lunch and schnitzel for dinner and listened to lots of 80’s music.

On Tuesday we prepared for Zim, enjoyed the sunny weather by the אגם, and played some sports in the afternoon periods. That evening we watched the Camp Cabaret and it was amazing! We have some very talented חניכים in our עדה!

Wednesday we really kicked it into high gear with Zimriyah practice and had our first practices with the band. We sound amazing! We also went to a movie theater to see The Secret Life of Pets which was a special treat. In the evening we had a פעולה of playing sports out on the fields after a day filled with singing rehearsals and sitting around.

Today is Zimriyah and there is still a ton to do! Don’t forget to tune into the livestream tonight so you can watch our performance!


Aliza and Micah