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August 14, 2019

Kerem – Last Blog for Kayitz 19

Author - Camp Yavneh

Dear parents,

Sadly, this is my last blog post as your childrens’ Rosh Ayda. Here’s the rundown of the past week.

On Wednesday morning we had a panel with the Mishlachat, the delegation of Israeli counselors at Yavneh. They spoke about their experiences in the army, and about their political and personal experiences in Israel. The rest of the week has been all maccabiah, pretty much all the time. It’s been stressful for sure, making sure all of the activities are running smoothly and that everyone is on the same page, but it is well worth it. Campers are having an amazing time and Kerem is really killing it!

Shabbat was a special one as the last one. Kerem passed down several masorot (traditions) to Maalot, and in general showed the camp their fantastic ruach and enthusiasm in their last Shabbat as campers.

Yesterday was the Meirutz Haniflah, the amazing race of Maccabiah. Plugat Nistar won in what was an extremely close race! Then last night was Lechu Nerannea, the final event of Maccabiah. Both teams did an amazing job with their Tekes (dramatic performance), Shelet (artistic team sign), and the team songs. In the end, Nistar won! Overall, Kerem did an amazing job at Maccabiah, and the other campers had a blast. We finished off the night with Trade-o-Shuk and our final barbecue. Headed into the final night, everyone is a little sad that the summer is ending, but happy that it happened.

I want to say on a personal note what an absolute pleasure it has been to be the Rosh Ayda for this group of kids. I know it is not easy to drop your kids off at camp, but I am so thankful that you trusted their care in me these past three summers. It has been such an amazing growth experience for me. I love each and every one of them, and I can’t possibly tell you how much they have all grown this summer. Kerem ‘19 is a special group, and it will be hard for me to ever move on from them. Thank you.