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June 28, 2019

Kayitz 19 Opening Week Gurim Blog

Author - Camp Yavneh

Shabbat Shalom, Gurim Parents!

What an amazing first few days we’ve had here at camp! Chuggim (electives) have officially begun and all of Gurim has been enjoying the fabulous array of them. From sailing to ceramics, from drama to 2D printing, from football to tennis, the days have been jam-packed with fun activities. Swim classes have also officially begun and the Agam (lake) is as stunning and fun as ever. We enjoyed ice cream sandwiches and ice pops for nish nush (snack) and had our very first Kolbo (canteen).
On the first night – Tuesday – all the boys and girls did a round robin of ice breakers, including birdie go peep and “wah” – both really fun activities that got the campers to meet and remember each others names better.  On Wednesday afternoon, the girls tzrifim (bunks) got to go on the Kangaruach (giant trampoline), which was a definite highlight of the week. The boys tzrifim participated in Teva (nature class) and Etgar (the Adventure Course). Then on Thursday afternoon, we met our Maalot buddies (MaGuPu), who are the campers going into 10th grade. MaGuPu is an activity where each Gurim camper is paired with a Maolot camper and they do a range of activities throughout the summer. Last night, all the girls had Erev Sleepover in Beit Rachel, which included relay races, knee tag and freeze dance. The boys had Erev Nascar and Erev Achim, where they bonded and got to know each better.
So far it has been an amazing first few days of camp. We cannot wait for our first Shabbat at camp this summer, and all the challah, ruach (spirit) and singing that accompanies it!!
All the best,
Jennie and Ofer