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July 17, 2019

Kayitz 19 – Gefen 4th Blog Post

Author - Camp Yavneh

Shalom, Parents! 

We have had a ruach (spirited) filled week here at camp! We had a very restful Shabbat where the chanichim (campers) had many choices of fun activities to participate in during their free time!

We began the week with Achla Yom (trip day) where we got to experience our first hike together! We ended Shabbas with another beautiful Havdallah and were ready to start another exciting week here at the machane!  Our hike was followed by a beach trip to a beautiful sandy beach here in New Hampshire! We enjoyed playing spike ball, beach toys, the gorgeous sand and playing in the water! When we returned to camp, we enjoyed a cookout with hotdogs, hamburgers and fresh watermelon! That night we had an amazing peulot erev (night activity) were Gefen played four way capture the flag! This was a crazy game with four teams and an array of crazy rules for example, only being able to hop on one foot, having to sing the national anthem while running and other crazy things! On Sunday we had camp-wide Yom Israel! On this day, the campers went around to different activities where they learned about Israel and enjoyed a snippet of Israeli culture by making pita, enjoying a bubble machine and a hayride around camp where they learned about different places in Israel that were recreated here at camp! The camp production of Moana’s Bat Mitzvah was this week starring some of our very own members of Gefen!

Sunday night we had a nice ceremony to commemorate Israel and each ayda showed off a song or dance that was related to Israel! Gefen created a video that was shown to the camp about different themes around Israel that were connected to camp for example they talked about chesed (charity) in their video! On Monday campers had a relaxed day filled with Zim practices and enjoyed free swim and their chuggim (electives)! We ended last night with a dodgeball/dizzy Izzy contest in different teams representing different countries with an Olympic feel to it! This week we are looking forward to Zim (camp wide singing competition), our last Achla Yom where the campers will be having Zim practice, a STEM workshop and going to see a movie of their choice! This week will also be Zim! A singing competition between the different aydot (age units)! Gefen has prepared three different songs with hand motions that they will perform in front of the whole camp! This week we will also have our last Shabbat of first month which will be filled with ruach


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