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July 31, 2019

Kayitz 19 – Gurim Second Session Second Blog Post

Author - Camp Yavneh

Dearest Gurim Parents, 

Wow, what a jam-packed week Gurim has had! On Wednesday we had our first Achla Yom (trip day) to Canadia Springs, a water and adventure park. The kids enjoyed the myriad of activities such as water slides, a Wibit, a water play area, and an unbelievable climbing and zipline adventure course. Many of the kids stepped out of their comfort zones and conquered the ropes course and high slides. We came back and had a delicious barbecue dinner and had an amazing peula (activity) run by our Kerem (the oldest ayda in camp). Thursday, we enjoyed a full day of normal chuggim (electives),  activities and ended our night off with Peulat Erev Lefi Tzrif (night activity by bunk). Friday, we welcomed in our first Shabbat of second month with a special Nish Nush (snack) of pizza! We brought in Shabbat with a musical ReliSh (Ruach Lefnei Shabbat: spirit before Shabbat) and a Kabbalat Shabbat (services) full of singing in Gilboa (outdoor amphitheater) and ate a filling and delicious Shabbat dinner. Shabbat morning we started off with some chocolate brownies and granola to hold us over during Tefillot (services). In the morning we had a bunch of different optional activities. Then, in the afternoon, we enjoyed bunk sichot (Shabbat conversations) with the morim (teachers in camp). We said goodbye to Shabbat with a musical Havdallah (end of Shabbat ceremony) and Israeli dancing. Sunday was an exciting and full day of activities! We met our Maalot buddies (all the Gurim campers get paired up with campers going into tenth grade) and ate a BBQ lunch while getting to know them! In the early evening we celebrated Davida (the Rosh Banot/head of girls) and had a crazy fun color run!!! Topping off Sunday night with a Thanksgiving themed dinner with all the classics of turkey and apple pie! Monday, we enjoyed learning our Rekudiyah dance (a camp wide dance performance that all the aydot participate in). Monday night, we had a special peulat erev-EREV SUPERHERO! The kids all dressed up one of their counselors as an imaginative superhero. They created a name, a jingle, and a description of their superhero! What a fun night we had! Tuesday was quite a hot day in camp so we enjoyed our time at the Agam (lake) and all different water activities! We are prepping for KTV , a lip sync competition between all the bunks in camp. We can’t wait to fill you in on how well we do in KTV this week!!!

All the best! 

Gurim Staff