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July 25, 2019

Tor Tochnit – By Michi – Creativity at Yavneh

Author - Bil Zarch

A few highlights related to all the amazing ARTISTIC dreams coming true at the machane this kayitz:

OMANUT:This is a hub of activity all day long! Chuggim (electives) have churned out incredible works of art in macrame, mosaics, drawing, sculpey, ceramics, paper prints, jewelry design, wood working, set design, water colors, and mural work. Amazing crafts and very fine art are both represented under one roof. Thank you Rosh Omanut Aliza Boroda and ALL the wonderful Tzevet Omanut moomchim (specialists) and madrichim (counselors) for coming up with great projects and fun ways for the chanichim to get in touch with their creative minds. More to follow next week about some amazing art that will be unveiled at camp shortly, designed, created and brought to fruition by our outstanding BetzalelArtist-in-Residence, Jayne Miller.

DRAMA: First month Drama chug prepared the camp play which was a big hit! The whole camp came together to watch a talented cast of Disney characters fête Moana as she celebrated her Bat Mitzvah with song and dance. We are so proud of all the chanichimwho shone and poured their hearts out into the production, as well as all those who made the show happen from behind the scenes, including enthusiastic director Rena Strober and musical genius Benzi Thee. We are looking forward to second session’s production…stay tuned for news on that stage!

MUSIKA: Music chuggim are running so smoothly. Some campers are learning how to play guitar or ukulele, holding the instruments for the first time and showing great progress under the tutelage of Jake Smith. Others are creating songs from scratch, enhancing their skills at their favorite instruments, or rocking out together, combining guitars, bass, drums, and vocals.Cheder Musika and the sukkah just outside it are a fun place to pass by if you’re visiting camp…the vibe is really amazing!

PHOTOGRAPHY: Photography Chughas been very busy, pointing, shooting and snapping away the most incredible things with Jon Weinberg as they meander through camp and find inspiration in nature. First session campers took amazing photos home with them that reflected their understanding of aperture, shutter speed, proportion, and creative angles. Second session photographers may teach you a thing or two when they get home!

RIKUDIYAH:is next week…need I say more?! Marcelo Marianoff and his rikkud helpers are busy preparing dances to teach thechanichim for another fun-filled Rikudiyah. Stay tuned for pictures of every ayda next week and Rikudiyah will be on Facebook Live – more details to follow!

ARTSFEST: Jewish Artsfest 2019 is around the corner, hosted this year by Camp Tel Noar. It’s a fabulous way to show Jewish unity and pride among several New England summer camps, and we look forward to seeing what our chanichim are preparing with Benzi and Marcelo this week. The schedule is tight, but we know they will represent Yavneh and our values with ruach and rhythm!

What are you doing this kayitz to nurture your inner artist?