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July 31, 2019

Kayitz 19 – Arayot Second Session Second Blog Post

Author - Camp Yavneh

Hello, Arayot Parents,

This Monday was the one-week mark of second month! Monday and Tuesday were normal days with the chanichim (campers) settling in to their chug (elective), kitah (class), and instructional swimming classes. It was great to see everyone transition so nicely into everyday camp life. On Tuesday night we had a crazy puelat erev (night activity) with Aydat Leviim (14 year-old age group) where we made videos to celebrate Yavneh. We split up into groups and were assigned a cornerstone aspect of camp and made a video of what it means to us. Then all the videos were shown and they were fantastic!

Wednesday was our first Achla Yom (trip day) of second session. The whole camp went to Water Country, a fantastic water park in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. All of the kids were able to go around in groups and go on the water slides! There were a lot of high intensity rides for the campers who love the adrenaline rush, and for campers who would rather the lower intensity ones, the lazy river and the wave pool were popular spots. Even though both of us like the bigger slides, we have to say that the lazy river was our favorite place at Water Country. We came together for a quick all-camp lunch and then the kids went back out to enjoy the rest of their time at the water park. In the late afternoon, we left Water Country and came back to camp for a delicious barbeque dinner. After dinner Kerem ran a peulat erev for each aydah. We were split up into groups and had a dance competition. It was a tournament with all of Arayot. The first round was making a dance with no music, and when the group got on stage, they had to perform their dance to a random song. In the second round, they had five minutes to make a dance to a song. The final round was getting on stage and doing a complete improvisation with your group to a song. It was amazingly ran and we all had a blast!

Thursday was a normal morning. In the afternoon we had a chinuch peulah (educational activity) where we learned about the summer theme which is hakarat hatov (recognizing the good/gratitude). It was an interesting introduction to an important value. After that, it was a day full of sports — the boys played an intense game of frisbee and the girls played a fun game of soccer. Then after that, the boys played a chill game of tennis and the girls went over to the hard wood and played basketball and hung out. It was an active afternoon to say the least! To conclude the evening, Arayot had a l’fi tzrif (bunk activity), the boys had a party night and played black jack, party games, an auction and had a dance party. Some of the prizes from the auctions included: having an afternoon activity planned all about them, going on a canoe with a counselor, sitting in a counselors chair during a meal, getting five free piggyback rides and more. The girls did an ASMR night which included watching aesthetically pleasing videos and listening to mindful music. They then had to create their own performance using random materials and requirements given to them by the  counselors. They loved it and many of them said it was their favorite night of the month thus far! Both the boys and the girls had a great night!

On Friday, to start off the afternoon the girls made bracelets, which was nice and relaxing after a long week. The boys played spikeball, threw around the frisbee, and played cards. After that, the whole ayda went down to free swim and enjoyed the water. Friday night we had ReliSh (pre Shabbat pump up) and it was full of ruach (energy). We then proceeded to have a Kabbalat Shabbat (praying on Friday night) full of vigor and a great Shabbat dinner. On Saturday, we had a relaxing day of hanging out and enjoying the nice weather. 

Sunday was the Yavneh 75th celebration! We had alumni from almost every decade of camp and it was great to see how the traditions of camp having remained constant throughout the years. In the evening on Sunday, we celebrated Davida Amkraut (Rosh Banot, Head of the Girls) because she is leaving camp after 24 years in her position. We had a color run and the people closest to her spoke about everything she has done to make camp the great place it is today.

Monday was a normal morning, and in the afternoon we got to go on the Kangaruach (blow-up trampoline). After that, we had clothing Kolbo and all the kids were able to buy amazing clothes and knickknacks from the camp store.

Today is Tuesday and we are packing up and ready to go on our overnight to Loon Mountain! We will be walking over the mountain and adventuring, going on fun rides, and swimming in water cascades. We are so excited to enjoy the beauty outdoors and get to spend time out of camp with our ayda.

B’ahava (with love), 

Amanda and Ethan