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July 31, 2019

Kayitz 19 – Kfirim Second Session Second Blog Post

Author - Camp Yavneh

Dear Horim (parents),

It was such a fun-filled week here in Kfirim! This past Wednesday, we went on our first Achla Yom (Fun Day) of second session. We loaded the busses bright and early and went with the whole camp to Water Country. On our way to the waterpark, the chanichim (campers) talked with their friends, made friendship bracelets, and sang songs, including the Water Country jingle. Once we arrived to the waterpark, the chanichim (campers) were split into different groups and started going on the rides. Some chanichim (campers) were even brave enough to go down the steepest slide at the park, The Patriot, formally known as “Geronimo!” We ended the day with a special Kolbo treat and headed back to camp for a barbecue!

Thursday was a regular day at camp. All the chanichim went to their chuggim (electives) and their daily activities. For the peulat erev (evening activity), the girls participated in Erev Parent Trap and the boys participated in Erev Gladiator. They all had a blast and got to bond with their tzrif (bunk)

Friday we welcomed the first Shabbat of second month! Everybody in camp put on their nice shabbat clothing and got all cleaned up. We went to the Beit Am (gym) for ReLiSh (singing before Shabbat) and stood together as an aydah and sang songs to get into the Shabbat mood. Then, we moved to Gilboa (outdoor amphitheater) for a powerful Kabbalat Shabbat. After Kabbalat Shabbat, we were all hungry and ready to eat a delicious Shabbat Dinner of chicken soup, vegetables, roasted chicken, and chocolate cake for dessert! Shabbat continued into Saturday where the chanichim (campers) were given a few hours of free time to spend time with their friends and/or siblings. Shabbat closed with Havdallah and some spirited Israeli Dancing.

Sunday we celebrated Yavneh’s 75th anniversary and Davida Amkraut (Head Girls’ Counselor). The whole camp met in the afternoon to listen to a few speakers share memories about Davida.Then we all headed to the sports fields, with Davida leading the pack, for our own version of a color run! We are so thankful for Davida and everything she does for the camp!

For Monday’s peulat erev (evening activity) we had Erev Superhero! The chanichim (campers) chose one counselor from their bunk to dress up as a superhero. They had to come up with a name, a jingle, strengths and weaknesses, and a backstory for their superhero. The night was super fun!

The past few days the chanichim have also been enjoying the Agam (lake) as a way to cool down have fun. All of the bunks have gotten a turn on the Aqua-kef (water-fun), which is basically a jungle gym in the water! The chanichim had a great time jumping on the trampoline and swinging into the water!  

We’re looking forward to another exciting week in Kfirim!


Ami and Gabi