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June 27, 2016

The great Gurim flying circus!

Author - Camp Yavneh

Hey Gurim,

Come one come all to the spectacular grand opening of the Great Gurim Flying Circus!!! For the first time ever we have brought together world-renowned acrobats, clowns, strong people, hypnotists, magicians, and animal wranglers to amaze and mesmerize.

Prior to opening our tents for the season we have been reworking our tricks and acts. With many new additions to our legendary troupe, this entire week has been filled with team bonding, fun games, and building the stage for this fabulous event.

 In the circus industry only the strongest survive. Knowing this fact, we had our performers build wilderness shelters by foraging in the forest with Amiel “man bun” Abir, head of our Teva(nature) division. After taking the artists out of the forest, we forced them to walk up thee Saddleback Mountain Range. For the few that made it back, the last challenge is to define pluralism. Finally with this all-star cast of Carnies we will launch this Jewish Summer Camp experience.

RoshPic_6_26_2016Here are a couple of up coming attractions to excite the senses and ensnare the mind. Extreme aerials on the Agam’s (lake’s) water trampoline, the great Israeli aliyah illusion, the Grand Gurim talent extravaganza, and the most spiritual and personal Shabbat show on this planet. Also, we are proud to present the newest attraction, our high octane Kangarooach (an inflatable in-ground trampoline.)!!!

This is truly the start of something great, so come on by the Great Gurim Flying Circus, opening Wednesday June 29th!!!!

B’ahava Max and Danni