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July 24, 2018

Gefen Blog – First Week of Second Month!

Author - Camp Yavneh

Welcome or welcome back for a few!

This past week was a mix of first and second month with a new intersession experience. Our last day with the first monthers was rainy but that didn’t stop us from enjoying Mini Mac (a mini competition put on by Maalot (the aydah heading into 10th grade)). We played a variety of games and then sadly headed to pack. While we weren’t packing we mastered friendship bracelets and enjoyed the movies SING and Moana. We had an extra special dinner of breakfast for dinner and all dressed up in PJS. Allie was even matching with Rabbi Richie in a dinosaur onsie for his birthday!

Our closing Peulat Erev included the BEST FRIENDS GAME, in which one chanich or chanicha stood in front of the whole aydah silently answering questions. Before their answer was revealed everyone else had to answer the question. With the answer told those that got it wrong had to sit down. The last person left standing and the person in the hot seat must have been best friends. After giving out some creative paper plate awards we had a snack and then headed back to the bunk for an extended flashlight time to tell funny stories and write down email addresses in order to stay in touch during the year.

We said goodbye to the first monthers and went into the world of an intersession. Visiting day for full summer campers was awesome for everyone with seeing their campers and restocking up on socks and underwear. Wednesday night we watched the contortionist Alakazam and it was sooooo coolllll!!! Thursday morning the full session campers headed out for a boat ride and to the beach and returned to find their new bunks filled with new friends to meet! Second month started with a band with a Round Robin ice breaker and then a spirit-filled Shabbos! The first Shabbos of second month did not disappoint and everyone in Gefen made a new friend and experienced a camp Shabbat for the first time ever or for the first time that year or session.

Shabbos ended and a reflective Tisha B’Av began. We heard Eicha, learned about baseless hatred and promoted baseless love. With the day and fast over second monthers headed into a normal day. Monday was rainy but everyone started chug, got their kitah, and learned about Agam safety. In the afternoon both the banim and the banot got to learn their part of their Rikudiyah (dance festival), learn to drum, and do an Omanut related activity. Peulat Erev was extremely exciting and festive with a Bnei Mitzvah celebration with Kfirim. There was grafitti, there was dancing, there was a slideshow, and much more!

Stay tuned next week to hear about our overnight and trip day to Pawtuckaway!