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July 02, 2015

Arayot Visits Loon Mountain

Author - Camp Yavneh
 IMG_4093There was never a dull moment for the chanichim (campers) this week, as they were entertained by the talented Gary the Clown on Monday evening and throughout the week. Gary helped Arayot be even goofier than they already are!

Ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no river cold enough, ain’t no ice cream sweet enough to keep Arayot from being happy! Though this week was filled was filled with more rain, the chanichim filled the other half of the glass with fun.

We began Tuesday early with an achla yom (trip day) to Loon Mountain, where all 44 chanichim spontaneously broke out in song on the bus ride, eager to practice for their upcoming Ketsev (rhythm) performance next week.IMG_4051

Upon arrival, the chanichim and madrichim (counselors) engaged in rock-climbing, zip-lining, bungee cord trampolines, and mazes. We embarked on the gondolas to the top of the mountain, eating our lunches and admiring the beautiful view before departing for the natural water-slides at the cascades below and enjoying some tasty ice cream before hitting the road. IMG_4116Said Arayot chanicha Maya H., “This was the best trip day ever!”

After a delicious barbecue dinner, the chanichim put on their own talent show, involving bringing creativity and comedy to life via a basketball draft modern dance known as the “Nae-Nae,” which was performed beautifully by Jeremy S. We also enjoyed the comedic tales and lyrics brought forth by Ari W., Noah W. and Benji H. before a quick dance party.

Though Wednesday was filled with rain, Arayot was able to have fun with Ketsev practice and more clowning. During a small break in the rain, we finally got to play sports outside and bask in the sun before splitting up for the peulat erev (night activity). During this peulah, the girls had mock zimriyah (singing) and the boys had an intense and thoughtful discussion with Rabbi Isaiah Rothstein about growing up and Judaism.

A full week in, Arayot has made the most of every possible moment and continues to lead the camp in smiles and cheer!