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July 18, 2016

Arayot Shines in Ketzev!

Author - Camp Yavneh

This past week has been jam packed for עדת  (age group) Arayot! From קצב (ketzev), to זמריה (a singing competition between the different עדות) practices for  יום ישראל (Yom Yisrael) and so much more!

Last Thursday, Arayot embarked on their קצב journey to perform for the residents at the Chelsea Jewish Nursing Home and for our parents and friends at Hebrew College in Newton. קצב was absolutely amazing! The חניכים(campers) and the מדריכים (counselors) worked extremely hard, and  it was all worth it because it was a huge success! The day began with the חניכים performing at the Chelsea Jewish Nursing Home and then had the oppoPhoto Jul 14%2C 12 16 12 PMrtunity to schmooze with the residents there. We then loaded back on the bus and headed to Launch, a trampoline park, where we jumped and released some energy before heading to the Newton Center Park where Debbie met us for dinner! Later we went to Hebrew College for our final קצב performance. It was so great seeing those of you that were able to make it!

After a long week of practicing for קצב and finally performing it on Thursday, it was such a relief for Shabbat to arrive on Friday night. The חניכים sang and danced their hearts out and enjoyed a restful and relaxing Shabbat.

Sunday was יום ישראל (Israel Day)! The חניכים had a day filled with Israeli candy from the שוק (market), learning about the Israeli army from former soldiers, swimming in the “כנרת” and  many more fun filled activities. This week we are looking forward to זמריה (Zimriyah) on Thursday, as well as many different fun פעולות (activities) we have planned for the חניכים!


Tara and Josh