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July 18, 2016

Kerem Celebrates Yom Yisrael!

Author - Camp Yavneh

Hi Kerem ’16 Parents!!

We kicked off Shabbat with Relish (רוח לפנה שבת) and had a beautiful קבלת שבת in Gilboa (the amphitheater). After a great dinner which consisted of chicken, matzo ball soup, and pigs-in-blankets, we headed to the Ben Zvi Building where we led Shabbat זמירות (songs) and had Carlebach-style dancing. We culminated the evening with a Tisch (spiritual singing) in which we shared stories anPhoto Jul 17%2C 9 25 22 AMd sang together. Saturday was a relaxed day. We prayed in the morning and enjoyed the freedom of Shabbat  through the early to mid-afternoon. For our שיחה (class), a professor from Brandeis University came to discuss his study of Jewish summer camps and the comparisons between them, especially relating to Shabbat. After finishing off Shabbat with הבדלה, we went with our campers back to their bunks to get them to bed and learn part of the responsibility of being a מדריך(counselor).

Sunday was יום ישראל at camp, a day in which the whole camp ceases normal activities and spends the day learning about Israeli culture. We had classes with some of the מורים (teachers) at camp in the morning and a lecture by a worker at the Israeli consulate in Boston, who described his job and talked about Israel with us. We finished the day with a ceremony in which we lit candles for various Israeli heroes who embody Israeli culture and hope.

While all of these exciting things have been going on, we have been working very hard on our Kerem play, fundraising for our Kerem Cancer Walk, and preparing for Zimriyiah which is this coming Thursday!! Wish us luck and we can’t wait to see some of you there!

p.s. Kerem will be participating in the York Hospital Breast Cancer Walk on July 28th. If you would like to help us raise money, please send a check to camp directed to York Hospital Breast Cancer Walk. Thank you so much!