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August 01, 2018

Arayot Blog – Week Two Second Month

Author - Camp Yavneh

Shalom L’kulam!!

It was an exciting week here in Arayot! The highlight of the week was definitely the overnight. We travelled about an hour and a half away from camp to a campsite next to Loon Mountain. We immediately got to work and started to set up the tents and start the bonfire. After the tents were set up and while the madrichim were cooking dinner, Shira and Toby taught everybody how to survive in the wilderness. We learned various types of bird calls and how to survive a sea bear attack. Then, to relax, we took a nice dip in the river next to our campsite. Finally, dinner was ready and we enjoyed hamburgers, hot dogs, corn and potatoes next to the campfire. It started to get dark, so like anybody would do when it’s dark and there is a campfire, we made s’mores!  After s’mores and some campfire singing, it was time for bed.

We woke up the next morning at 7:15, but many people woke up earlier because of the sun. We packed up camp and then davened right next to the river. Then we enjoyed a delicious breakfast of cereal, bagels, yogurt and best of all, pita! Once we cleaned up breakfast, we loaded onto the bus and drove to a mountain to hike. The hike ended up being more of a nice nature walk with a beautiful view at the end. Then after admiring the view for a little bit and petting some of the fellow hikers’ dogs, we headed down the mountain. Then we drove to a beautiful lake to go swimming. We then headed back to camp and had much needed showers. For Peulat Erev, the girls had Project Runway where they had to dress up and walk down the runway and the boys participated in real life Mario Cart using scooters. It was a fun conclusion to a super fun day!


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