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April 16, 2015

Yachad and Camp Yavneh – Together

Author - Camp Yavneh

Yachad is so excited to partner with Camp Yavneh this summer!

Our Yachad campers, as well as the mainstream campers, will all gain so much from being in an inclusive camp setting. From living, learning and participating in activities together, campers will create meaningful relationships with one another. The camp as a whole will have an increased appreciation and acceptance of individual differences. Inclusion in a camp setting will create a caring and accepting community of peers. The campers will learn how to interact with others that learn and act differently, thus making them more caring and understanding in the future.

“The Yachad programs make a huge impact on the camp since every child gets the opportunity to understand their peers with special needs,” said Nechama Braun, Yachad’s administrator of summer programs. “It is really incredible how those who worked as Yachad counselors when we began our first program 16 years ago at Camp Morasha in Lake Como, PA, are now leaders and board members of their synagogues hosting Yachad programs in their communities.”

Sheri Rosenberg will be the Yachad program director at Camp Yavneh this summer. Sheri works as the Yachad Eastern Seadboard Regional Director during the year. Working at various camps around the country as well as within the special needs community. Sheri has a master’s degree in Jewish communal services and non-profit management from Gratz College and truly feels that everyone belongs in the Jewish community.

Please click HERE to contact Sheri with  any questions regarding Yachad at Camp Yavneh.