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May 30, 2019

Tzevet Sports for Kayitz 19

Author - Camp Yavneh

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Sports at Yavneh – we have a great kayitz planned. Meet our co-Roshei Sport: Erez Yariv is from Israel and Mica Felsztyna is from Argentina! They are physical educators and enthusiasts of all things sports and kids related! They will lead an incredible group of specialists and madrichim who will be bouncing, shooting, passing, stretching and all-around playing during Kayitz ‘19 and making sure the chanichim are getting a great workout while having a blast!

Baseball superstars Ari Kwitkin-Close and Ben Rosenn are back for another great summer on the baseball diamonds. Newly certified yoga instructors, Maya Dayanim and Abigail Jacob will be bringing some great sessions to Yavneh yogis. Second session we await Uri Lahav, a judo instructor, flying in straight from Israel.

What about those who love to think about the physical challenges found in nature? Welcome back to Jeremy Sarnat and Amit Amar who are excited for their second summers, coming to camp to hike, bike and forge new paths on our workout trail!

The chanichim who love the Mercaz Adventure (Adventure Center) will be grateful to have Travis Corcoran back again for a fun-filled kayitz. He is a creative and fun outdoor obstacles genius! Adventure Center includes Kir Tippus (rock climbing wall), Etgar (outdoor challenge course) and a team-building low ropes course in the woods. There is also an archery range for chanichim to enjoy, with certified archery veterans, Noam Borensztajn and Alex Shrago.

Add in soccer, basketball, flag football, volleyball, and tennis for tons of chug options and opportunities to compete on a team! Kayitz ’19 is going to be packed! We can’t wait for Kayitz in #26days!