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March 27, 2020

Tor Tochnit – Chinuch at Yavneh

Author - Camp Yavneh
Drawing from our past and reimagining our future


At Yavneh, education is key.

On that we all agree.

Morim who we trust,

With peulot so robust

Sometimes in kitah or out under a tree!


This spring we’ll build with care,

Keeping masoret in our cross-hair.

And each ayda will have a part

Of a much more integrated start

To the lifelong learning we hope they want to share.


To engage in a unique way.

To seek connections in camp throughout the day.

Not confined to a text

Not confined to a desk

Tie-ins to teva, bishul, and omanut… will slay!


It’s time to use our creativity and inspiration

To update and connect the camper population!

Using diverse contexts to explore

The expressions of our Jewish core,

So the concepts become the foundation.


This seems like a big bite to take!

How to begin to bake this chinuch cake?

Start with a curriculum team so great:

Educators and camp professionals are first rate.

For 21st century learning, we ache.


We will reflect, plan, and compile

We’ll have peulot to reach for with style

It’s simply a call to action to reach,

Reminding us to Jewishly nurture and teach,

Because this project is incredibly worthwhile!


Glossary of Hebrew Terms

Morim – Teachers
Peulot – Activities
Kitah – Class
Masoret – Tradition
Ayda – Unit
Teva – Nature
Bishul – Cooking
Omanut – Art