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July 26, 2018

Tor Tochnit by Michi – Busy Days and Busy Nights!

Author - Camp Yavneh

During the school year, have you ever thought or said out loud, “Wow this year is flying by!” If so, let me tell you, that the scholastic year has got nothing on summer camp! The weeks are passing by and our chanichim (campers) are so busy, they don’t even realize how quickly the summer is rolling. Their days are saturated – rain or shine – and their tochnit (programming) is packed whether the day is a regular camp day, a trip day, or a day filled with preparation for a Peulah Meyuchedet (special event).

Our chuggim (electives) in the mornings are running smoothly: theatre lovers have gotten their roles in the camp musical, sports and adventure lovers are running themselves out indoors and outdoors as we adjust to inclement weather, sports teams are forming and practicing for inter-camp games during second session, arts lovers continue to create amazing projects in Omanut, yogis, dancers, and aerial acrobats are in their happy places, and the Agam is open to get chanichim out in boats and onto the fishing dock.

This week, our older campers are experiencing different intensives in Sadna week, workshopping areas of interest in photography, music (ukulele to be more specific), arts (fabrics, pottery and beading), cooking, and sports (basketball and obstacle course challenges off-site). They are working with in-house specialists and visitors at camp who bring with them an amazing knowledge of their fields. Younger campers are enjoying a drumming specialist brought in, in part, to help our Gefen chanichim prepare for Yom Israel next week. All bunks are preparing skits/songs for KTV tonight, dances for Rikudiyah next week, and special performances with our Mishlachat from Israel to contribute to Yom Israel next week. There aren’t enough hours in the day…and yet somehow we manage to pack it all in!!

In my next blog, I’ll be able to report on overnights (Gefen/Arayot), big trips (Leviim/Maalot), and a whole lot more that is coming up in these amazingly full, fun, and frenetic summer days. Hope you’re keeping as busy and having as much fun as your kids!