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July 06, 2015

Shabbat, Kerem Style

Author - Camp Yavneh

I can’t believe we have already had two Shabbatot this summer. Our Kerem experience is flying by! Apparently, the second time around is the charm because we nailed Friday night zmirot (songs)! I guess all we needed was some practice.

After the zmirot in Ben Zvi, we then went to our tisch in Sukkat Bogrim (the alumni house), which was another amazing experience. This week we had some guests at our tisch, including Eitan Ingall from Kerem ’04. That was amusing, because after he entered the room, one chanich (camper) who didn’t know that Eitan had arrived made an anecdotal comment about Eitan and the importance and community of Kerem.

Saturday was just another amazing camp Shabbat, filled with friends and time to relax (and sleep!). Saturday morning musaf happens to be my favorite part of the week. The tunes are just so fun! I’m already looking forward to next Shabbat!

– Jess K., Kerem Chanicha