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November 10, 2021

Peulot Boker b’Machaneh Yavneh – פעולות בוקר במחנה יבנה- Kitah

Author - Camp Yavneh

Alongside the many activities we offer at camp, Yavneh is proud to foster a love of Jewish learning through interactive morning kitot (classes). Campers participate in one kitah per day, engaging in lessons indoors and outdoors, discussing many Jewish texts and values, debating and investigating, and partaking in hands-on activities to bring the learning to life. Our diverse Tzevet Chinuch (Education staff) – made up of teachers, ordained clergy of several denominations, and rabbinic students – share their own Jewish journeys and interests with the campers. Using a variety of methodologies at their disposal at camp to tie in other programmatic connections (music, cooking, meditation/yoga, art), morim (teachers) draw on their strengths as educators, and chanichim (campers) experience their ayda’s curriculum in a very tangible way throughout their time at camp.

The units of study for each ayda reflect current events and allow for critical thinking, while at the same time continually lean on the rich tradition and content found in the Torah, Talmud, PIrkei Avot, and citing heroes and heroines from our collective past (from biblical times to the present). Leviim and Maalot campers choose their own kitah from among several options offered by the morim. Hand-in-hand with the immersive Jewish environment and programming throughout the summer, chanichim grow their Jewish knowledge base through their years at camp, and are given the opportunity to develop the tools and the desire to continue on their own Jewish journey in an informed and exciting way.

We love hearing about where Yavneh alumni find themselves later on in life, referencing back to the formative years spent in formal and informal kittot and peulot (activities) at camp. Alumni and current campers: who have been your favorite morim through the years? What Jewish values do you remember diving into while you were at Yavneh?

Next Tochnit blog in Eshkolit will wrap up this three part series on morning peulot, with a full catalogue of chug (elective) options that camp offers each summer. Get ready to be blown away by the variety!