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January 03, 2018

New and Exciting Updates at Yavneh!   

Author - Camp Yavneh

What’s the first question someone asks their camp administrators in the winter?  If you guessed “what’s new” you are right on. But, it’s not the usual “what’s new”… it’s the “what’s new at camp for the coming season”. At camp, there’s always something new – programs, equipment, staff, menu ideas or a host of other things.

So… what’s new for 2018?  (I thought you would never ask).

In response to parent surveys and staff requests, bunk G6 is getting a MAJOR redo. It’s expanding into two bunks with all new bathrooms (Yes, there’s going to be a G10). Because the bunks are going to be a smaller, it will enable our campers and counselors to interact with their bunkmates more. We can’t wait to see the new bunks finished!  And on the Agam we have a list of fun, new equipment to purchase for Kayitz ‘18. Stay tuned for more details.  While we are talking about programming, wait until  you see some of the new chuggim we are offering. The new activities are still under wraps but the winter office staff is busy putting together an exciting schedule for 2018.

Wait – did I tell you the Chedar Ochel has a new look?.  It’s amazing what fresh paint and new colors can do.  I don’t want to “spill the beans” on everything new, so keep watching into the spring for more info on the excitement building for Kayitz ‘18.

This is just the tip of the iceberg! Thinking of the summer warmth in this cold spell….