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July 12, 2018

Mah Koreh with Lisa Rubins

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Oh, What a Night!

This week, the focus was on Zimriyah and rehearsals.  BUT, we lightened up the mood for everyone by doing a little Zim here and mixing it with something else.  For example, one night, we had an early dinner for upper camp, so they could have an early evening swim at the Agam and then their rehersals. Maalot went to Hampshire Hills overnight (and practiced their songs there). We even had sports games against other camps (we won Senior Tennis Mixed Doubles!)

Yom Yisrael יום ישראל was on Monday and Yavneh’s celebration is like none other.  Besides making your own pita (watching it cook on the flame in front of you) and riding the hayride (learning about kibbutzim), the Yavneh shuk is what chanichim חניכים (campers) remember.  As Kerem dress up as merchants in the shuk, the chanichim are handed shekels to spend, and the haggling begins (so does the giggling, the singing and the fun).

And as I write this, on the morning after Zim, I watch camp go back to its regular schedule.  A tzrif צריף (bunk) is sleeping in as a reward for 12 tens in a row in Nikayon נקיון (clean up).  Arayot just left for their Ketzev trip to Boston, where they will perform at a Jewish nursing home in Chelsea, the same one their madrichim מדריכים (counselors) performed at when they were in Arayot.  And in the distance, I can hear Birkat Hamazon being sung in the Chadar Ochel חדר אוכל (dining room), with a little more ruach רוח (spirit) then before, because of what Zim has infused in all of us.