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July 26, 2018

Madrichim Mitzayanim

Author - Camp Yavneh

Saul – He always makes sure that his campers and cos are okay before taking care of himself. On his night off, he chose to go sleep back in his bunk even though he had a place to sleep, just so he can help his co and wake up the kids.

Ethan– Ethan had an incredible week and he really stepped up as a leader in Kfirim. During our overnight, Ethan was a grill master and spent hours cooking dinner for the aydah. Ethan also planned a successful closing peulat erev “Erev Graduation” for first month, and even wrote a commencement speech to send off our chanichim to their next stage of camp life: upper camp. Ethan has done an incredible job with the chanichim, and we are so lucky to have him in Kfirim!

Brodey – He was a true mitztayen on this week’s hike. Brodey was FANTASTIC encouraging kids up the mountain, helping his cos, and maintaining a positive attitude the whole way up. Brodey encouraged the chanichim through humor to continue hiking.  Brodey infuses Arayot with silliness, weirdness, and an incredible amount of care for his chanichim.

Lydia – She brings such a positive energy to the tzrif. You would never know that she is full time Agam as she really steps up in the bunk and makes sure to form deep connections with the girls when she is around. It is so clear how much she loves them and always knows how to cheer them up and have fun with them. Sometimes she doesn’t even have time to take care of herself but still has a big smile on her face. Go Lydia!!

Cara – She has been really incredible!!  She brought up the positivity during the intersession achla yom. Cara has been such a leader in her tzrif and her willingness to help both her campers and cos rubs off on everyone around her!

Tamar – Tamar is a superstar. She is always energetic and upbeat. She makes sure all her campers are doing well and having fun. Tamar never fails to forget even the most minor details that need to be taken care of. Tamar is an amazing counselor and her energy rubs off on everyone around her!